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Item: PCMCIA ISDN Terminal Adapter with Software
Item code: LIM128T
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There`s only one industry standard PCMCIA ISDN adapter and this is it!

The Dynamode LIM128T is a high performance 128K ISDN Terminal Adapter (TA) built into a low profile PCMCIA form factor.

Featuring full ISDN standard compatibility together with bundled `RVS` software this PCMCIA Card is your only choice for ISDN applications on the move.

Assured ISDN Inter-operability With the wide range ISDN signaling protocols and switches support, the mobile workforce can travel across the world and still enjoy the high speed digital service without pain. 

The support of "async-to-sync PPP conversion" lets the TA128 Intelligent ISDN TA PC Card connecting to the router-based Internet Service Providers (ISPs) at anytime anywhere with incorporation of TCP/IP software packages. Additionally, the \"Multi-link PPP\" protocol makes an ISDN superhighway at speed up to 128 Kbps when the applications are bandwidth critical. The TA128 Intelligent ISDN TA PC Card can work exactly like an ISDN TA external box, which can run any Windows-based communication software package, such as Windows 95 Hyperterm, Procom Plus, etc., to hook on to the on-line services and bulletin boards. 

The multiple Application Programming Interface (API) and driver support guarantees the TA128 Intelligent ISDN TA PC Card to be compatible with all popular Windows-based operating environments, including Windows 98,Windows 95, and Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Applications. 


ISDN Interface & Standard
  • 2B+D Basic Rate Access
  • S/T-interface: complies with ITU-T I.430
  • ISDN Line Rate
  • 64/56 Kbps on 1 B-channel
  • 128/112 Kbps on 2 B-channel
  • 16 Kbps on D-channel for signaling
  • ISDN Protocol ITU-T Q.921/Q.931 and ETSI NET3
    ISDN Network & Switch Compatibility
  • National ISDN-1 (NI-1)
  • AT&T 5ESS Custom
  • Northern Telecom DMS-100 Custom
  • DSS1 (Euro-ISDN)
  • INS-Net 64
  • B-Channel Protocol
  • V.120
  • V.110
  • X.75/T.70 NL/ISO8208 (RVS-COM)
  • Async-to-Sync PPP conversion
  • Multi-Link PPP
  • HDLC raw data
  • Application Program Interface
  • ISDN AT command set (VCOMM)
  • CAPI 2.0
  • NDIS
  • Operating System Support
  • Windows 98
  • Windows 95 and OSR2
  • Windows NT 4.x
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Other Features
  • Menu-driven configuration utility included
  • Microsoft Plug and Play compatible
  • Hot-swap and insertion
  • G3 faxing (CAPI mode only)
  • Telephony (CAPI mode only)
  • Physical Specification
  • RJ-45 ISDN line interface
  • Dimension:
    - 85.6mm (L) X 56mm (W) X 5mm (H)
    - PCMCIA Type II
  • Certificates FCC, Japan JATE, Germany Reg TP ICT (D810083L)
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