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Item: External Serial v.92 Analogue Fax Modem
Item code: M56EXT-OCMT
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Make the right Connection.
Introducing the new high-speed Serial (RS232) v.92 Fax Modem for
your Business and SoHo dialup connectivity applications.

The new Dynamode M56EXT-OCMT comes from a formidable heritage of
Modems for which Dynamode has been developing over the last 15-years.
Offering class-leading performance, robust analogue connectivity – even on
poor quality dialup connections and a whole host of features to help you get the most out of your v.92 applications such as Internet, EPOS, Banking and Fax applications.

Using the proven Agere™ CSP1034S Chipset for assured analogue connection using industry standard ITU-T v.92/v.90 standards of up to 56,000Bps with full backward compliance with earlier ITU standards.

Integral Duplex speaker phone is included with Fax Class 1 and 3 support, as is Video Conferencing (H.324) with full compression and industrial Error
Correction to v.42/MNP2-4 standards.

Enjoy legacy connection to your Systems, the M56EXT-OCMT comes with a
built-in Serial (RS232) 9-way Female connector together with separate Phone
and Line connection for your region.

Available now from your Authorized Dynamode Distributor.


v.92/v.90 56k analogue Fax Modem
Built-in Serial (RS232) 9-Way female interface
Built in Phone and Line-in Interfaces
Fax Class 1; v.17, v.29 and v.27 Group 3 Fax
Data Compression v.44/v.42 bis/MNP5
Built-in Full Duplex Speaker phone
Hayes AT compatible Command Set
Supports full voice function (TAM)
Compatible with Windows®9x, NT, 2000, XP, Vista®
Bundled with Serial and Line Cable, external PSU

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