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Item: PCMCIA 56K Modem
Item code: LM560CA
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Need a dialup modem for you Laptop?

The Dynamode ML560CA is an industry standard 56k/v.92 Modem adapter in a PCMCIA form factor. With the new and improved Dynamode ASIC chipset for lower power consumption and improved Plug n Play this is the Modem of choice for all your mobile data needs.

Comes supplied with all necessary cables and software.


PCMCIA 2.1/JEIDA 4.1 compliant.
Internal DAA with standard 15pin detachable interface connector plus Rj11 cable for direct connection to the telephone wall outlet.
Low power consumption and automatic sleep mode to extend PC battery life. Advanced Microsoft Plug and Play technology to run with Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP.
Support industry and ITUT standard error correction and data compression protocols.
Windows NT 4.x, Windows 95, OSR2, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, and Windows XP support. 


Modem Operating Protocol
  • V.90/K56flex (up to 56,000 bps, download)
  • V.34bis (up to 33,600 bps)
  • V.34 (up to 28,800 bps)
  • V.32bis (up to 14,400 bps)
  • V.32 (9,600/4,800 bps)
  • V.22bis (2,400 bps)
  • V.23 (1,200 TX/75RX bps)
  • V.22/Bell 212A (1,200 bps)
  • V.21/Bell 103 (300 bps)
  • Error Correction Protocol V.42 and MNP Class 2 to 4
    Data Compression Protocol V.42bis and MNP Class 5
    Fax Compatibility
  • EIA Class 1 fax commands
  • Group 3 send and receive
  • ITU-T V.17, up to 14,400 bps
  • ITU-T V.29, up to 9,600 bps
  • ITU-T V.27ter, up to 4,800 bps
  • ITU-T V.21 Channel 2 up to 300 bps
  • Operating Modes
  • Asynchronous full duplex
  • Manual/Automatic answer
  • Flow Control
  • Hardware CTS/RTS
  • Software XON/XOFF
  • Receive Sensitivity - 40 dBm
    Transmit Level Permissive -11+/-1 dBm
    Line Interface RJ11, 2wire dial up
  • Powerup selftest
  • Local analog loopback test
  • Local digital loopback test
  • Remote digital loopback test
  • Dialing capability DTMF tone and rotary pulse
    Application Program Interface Hayes compatible AT command set
    Call Progress Monitoring Dial tone, busy tone and ringback detection
    Dimension 85.6mm (L) X 54mm (W) X 5mm (H) Comply with PCMCIA Type II
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